3 Ways Small Businesses Can Target Local Consumers

When it comes to marketing your small business in 2021, you want to make sure you are investing your money to get the best ROI to help you grow your company and reach more people.

Many people will attest that digital marketing is your best approach to utilize your efforts to reach a more targeted group of consumers interested in what your company offers. However, while this might be a valid point – and arguably the best way to reach more people for less, it isn’t the only way for small businesses to increase awareness and sales in the local area.

You want to focus on the small things and double down your efforts to reach those in your vicinity. For this reason, you need to maximize the use of traditional and digital marketing methods to get the most out of your budget and gain quantifiable results.

So what are the best ways to reach customers as a small business in 2021?

Social Media

If you don’t have active social media accounts, you risk one of the best ways to reach people in your local area. Your target audience is likely online, and with over 2.8 billion Facebook users alone, the boomer and millennial generations are fond of the oldest social media platform to be still active. This is followed up with Twitter which attracts users across all generations, with the younger millennials and Gen Z preferring the more visual platforms of Instagram and TikTok.

If you aren’t equipped to run social media accounts on all relevant platforms, hiring a social media management company or staff member can help you maximize the marketing potential social media has.

Print Marketing

Think business cards, pamphlets, flyers, and more. Catalogs, staff uniforms, window displays, and newspaper ads. All of these are instrumental in getting your business in front of the eyes of locals via unintrusive ways they may not even realize they are being influenced by.

Design your company logo and create consistent branding so that regardless of how they are exposed to your small business, consumers will know they are interacting with your company. In addition, companies such as aura-print.com can help you with your print needs to supplement your marketing campaigns.


Can you sponsor a local kids’ sports team? Putting your branding on sportswear or equipment is not only a good way to support your local community but also push your marketing efforts. School sports teams, football, baseball, hockey, etc., will all welcome support from local companies, and this is also a great tax deduction.

Be aware of your responsibilities if this is something you chose to do, including if you are responsible for any team supplies, uniforms, expenses, etc., so you know exactly how much you are required to invest financially.

Remember, when investing in marketing, make sure you can afford the efforts you are making, and you are set up for handling any increase in demand this facilitates. A successful marketing campaign depends on how well you cope with the demand to help you retain the custom.


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