3 Things To Remember When Running A Fashion Show

If you have started your own clothing line and are about to have your very first runway show, you will want to stick around to hear about 3 things you need to remember when doing your very first fashion show. It’s not something that many of us would believe is a complex affair. And yet, it’s like any other event where anything that can go wrong usually does. It’s going to be exciting to show off your very own pieces to your friends and family, but crucially, there could be scouts in the audience too. They could be on the lookout for their next client, business partner or customer. So if you want to impress you have to do the show right.

No shame in having a VIP list

Did you know that virtually every fashion show has a VIP list? It’s because the best seats in the house are right at the front and where the models will pause for a few seconds. This is often called the golden row because it’s where the top fashion designers and celebrities will always sit. It gives them the best view, enough time to glimpse some details of each piece or outfit and then swap a few words and make notes. So there is no shame in having a VIP list for your own event. Just remember to have VIP ID cards which you can make here. This is so they get officially sat in the right place and they can prove who they are with their ID card if need be. Fashion shows are often split in two intervals, so to get everyone back in the right seats after intermission, is easier when you have ID cards with VIP written on them for the important guests.

The right music

Clothing can look out of place just by the music playing in the background. You wouldn’t walk down the runway wearing an evening gown and having death metal playing in the back would you? It’s going to make people think the dress is associated with this kind of music and potentially, put them off. So when you are having models walk down the runway, have music they can enjoy but also that goes with the clothes. This is the main event of the day and you want it to go right, so even little detail that sets the mood is vital.

The lighting can kill a show

Make sure the lighting is brilliant. Lights can be pointing upward towards the models, but they shouldn’t be hitting the audience across from them in the face. So models need to be told where they should be walking or standing, to get maximum lighting on their outfits. Of course lights will also be shone down on them, but you don’t want shadows under their arms. 

The fashion show of your dreams can be had if you remember the importance of these three things. Make sure you have a plan for VIP guests, the music is great and the lighting is great.