3 Reasons Why Business Owners Should Prioritise Employee Wellness

Employees are the backbone of your company, and they determine whether your business succeeds or fails. That said, ensuring that your employees are comfortable is a good way to boost their motivation and overall productivity. One way to ensure their comfort is to look after their overall wellness. Indeed, 72% of UK workers believe that ensuring employee wellbeing should be a top priority for managers. That said, here are some reasons to prioritise your workers’ overall wellness.

Reduces high absenteeism rates

Absenteeism refers to an employee’s habitual absence from work, especially when intentional. Often, workers who engage in absenteeism have no valid reason for being away from work continually. Indeed, few absences aren’t out of the ordinary. However, perpetual absence can be detrimental to business productivity. The major causes of employee absenteeism are stress, burnout and illnesses. Statistics reveal that approximately 38.8 million working days were lost due to work-related illnesses and non-fatal injuries. Moreover, each worker takes an average of 17.6 off days from work due to illness. 

However, your business doesn’t have to lose precious working days due to absenteeism. You only need to invest in your workers’ health and wellness. By putting in place programs, such as health insurance, that can make healthcare access easier, you can ensure that they stay in top shape at all times. Therefore, it’s best to implement these programs if you haven’t already if you can. A healthy workforce translates into increased productivity and low absenteeism rates.

Increases your staff retention rate

A citation survey indicated that 68% of 1000 UK workers quit their jobs in less than a year, citing bad management as the reason. At the same time, 61% stated that a hostile work environment would make them seek other job opportunities. High turnover rates can cause loss of valuable experience and knowledge, loss of morale and reduced belief in your staff’s ability to perform. This, in turn, causes reduced productivity and low sales for your business. Moreover, high turnover rates can cause your customers to doubt your brand’s credibility. However, catering for your staff’s wellbeing will cause them to feel more valued and appreciated. Moreover, it leads to fulfillment at work and in their daily lives. That said, a satisfied and happy worker is less likely to quit the job or take unnecessary sick leaves. 

Encourages your staff to pursue a healthier lifestyle

Implementing employee wellness programs is an effective way to motivate your staff to lead healthier lifestyles. According to the Rand Report, workplace wellness programs effectively reduce the risks of lifestyle-related diseases, mitigating premature mortality rates. Moreover, healthy behaviours are known to reduce your staff’s risks of developing colds and other acute illnesses. As a tip, you can work with professional health and safety consultants for the best results. Including training about employee wellness in your company culture is a good way to get them on board with the idea of prioritising wellness. You can make your working environment more flexible for your workers, for starters. An overly serious office atmosphere that doesn’t promote health can cause your staff to feel less satisfied, and increase their stress levels, so keep this in mind. You can also invest in employee seminars and compulsory training programs to inform your employees about the importance of their health.